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Struggling financially is never fun nor is it comfortable. Unfortunately, due to factors such as divorce, death of a spouse or loss of job and other factors many Newport Beach, California residents find themselves enduring severe financial strain despite being gainfully employed. Another common reason for bankruptcy is having your mortgage rate adjust to a point that you cannot afford the payment. Many times in these cases refinancing is not an an option due to the value of your home being down. Often times people feel a sense of shame or embarrassment about contemplating bankruptcy but they should not. Bankruptcy is often caused by outside factors beyond your control.

If you live in the Newport Beach area and are finding it hard to keep your head above water you should speak with a skilled and experienced Newport Beach CA Bankruptcy Lawyer in the immediate future.

Claiming bankruptcy may be a very viable option for you and there are different bankruptcy options for individuals, couples and families. These are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. They are liquidation and debt consolidation options respectively. Each Newport Beach residents financial situation is unique and having a skilled bankruptcy attorney serving Newport Beach is a wise move as they will explain all options to you so that you can make the most informed decision possible for yourself, your family and your financial future.

Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

There are many benefits associated with filing bankruptcy in Newport Beach, CA. Some you enjoy immediately such as having creditors and bill collection agencies having to stop contacting you immediately upon filing. Others, such as repairing your credit take longer to come to fruition but in the long term filing bankruptcy can be be a very beneficial thing.

How To File Bankruptcy

While on paper and in theory you can file bankruptcy yourself it is incredibly cumbersome and laborious to do. It is significantly easier to retain an experienced Newport Beach CA Bankruptcy Lawyer and have them do it on your behalf. It will be done much quicker, with a lot less effort on your part and you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your case is being handled by a professional. There is also a much lower margin for error as if it is done incorrectly you can jeopardize your entire case.

If you are in dire need of financial relief, or just want to explore debt relief options, contact Newport Beach CA Bankruptcy Lawyer Dennis Connelly today. His office can be reached at (949) 270-2904. Mr. Connelly offers free consultations to those struggling financially in Newport Beach, Irvine and Huntington Beach, California.