Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention

The FDIC — along with fellow regulators and the banking industry — is working vigorously to help consumers and the banking industry avoid unnecessary foreclosures and stop foreclosure “rescue” scams that promise false hope to consumers at risk of losing their homes. Banks, such as Bank or America, that originate and service mortgage loans are encouraged to make prudent attempts to find solutions for homeowners having trouble making their mortgage payments. Exploring options that can keep homeowners in their homes may be one of the best ways for lenders to mitigate losses, preserve customer relationships, and maintain safe and stable neighborhoods.

If you are an Orange County, California resident and are in need of help with foreclosure prevention it is a wise decision to contact a Newport Beach Foreclosure Prevention Attorney.

Homeowners who currently have, or expect to have, difficulty making their payments should contact their loan servicer or reputable counseling agency as soon as possible to discuss options. Troubled borrowers should be careful in dealing with organizations that encourage borrowers to cease making payments or walk away from their home while also promising to repair their credit. If it sounds too good to be true, it may well be a scam that will damage the borrower’s credit and cost more in the long run. Working directly with the servicer or legitimate non-profit organizations is the best approach for troubled borrowers.┬áThis website provides information that may be helpful to consumers, financial institutions, and the community groups working with them on foreclosure-related issues.

One of the biggest concerns regarding foreclosure prevention is what will happen to your credit rating after you are caught up. That should not be such a concern as, if you are already behind on mortgage payments, your credit is already blemished. The focus should be on getting caught up on payments so that you do not relinquish your home.

How An Orange County CA Foreclosure Prevention Attorney Can Help You

One of the most terrifying and uncomfortable aspects of difficult financial times is the possibility of losing your home. Your primary residence is much more than a property. The angst of being foreclosed on takes as much out of you emotionally as it does financially. Rather than lose sleep every night and wonder how you are going to get caught up on payments, how you will maintain the payments as well as where you would live if you are foreclosed on call Newport Beach Foreclosure Prevention Attorney Dennis Connelly. Mr. Connelly has many year experience helping Irvine, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach residents maintain their property, homes, rental homes and vacation homes. He will use his vast experience and unparalleled negotiation skills to help you keep possession of your home.

He routinely helps distraught borrowers and deals directly with large mortgage banks such as:

Bank of America

Wells Fargo



Union Bank

U.S. Bank

Credit Unions

These are just some of the financial institutions he has experience with. Mr. Connelly will explain all debt relief options to you so that you can choose the right one for you. Call Huntington Beach Foreclosure Prevention Lawyer Dennis Connelly at (949) 270-2904 today.