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Irvine, California is located in Orange County and is home to approximately 230,000 residents. Many of these residents work in Irvine itself as well as other areas of the county. In addition, many Irvine residents also may face financial financial difficulties due to issues such as change in employment status, dissolution of marriage and unexpected death of a spouse. Severe illness or being the victim of an accident of some sort can also lead to financial strain. Filing bankruptcy may be a viable option for Irvine residents who are in a less than ideal financial situation.

Speaking with an experienced Irvine CA Bankruptcy Lawyer is a wise move if you are struggling financially and live in the Irvine, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California areas.

Bankruptcy And Debt Relief Options For Irvine California Residents

The type of bankruptcy and or debt relief option you choose will completely depend on what you are trying to achieve i.e. walking away from everything and starting over or just getting caught up on arrears and late payments without sacrificing or relinquishing any assets or real property.  These options can include:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Loan modification

Foreclosure prevention

Vehicle repossession prevention

What Are The Benefits Of Claiming Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can offer relief in various ways. One of the most immediate benefits is that upon filing creditor’s can no longer call, contact, text, email or harass you in any way shape or form. Other benefits range from beginning to repair your credit to starting over financially. Other benefits of filing bankruptcy can include tax debt relief, getting out from huge amounts of credit card debt, getting caught up on student loans, satisfying or preventing judgements, preventing wage garnishments, alimony/spousal support and child support arrears. Being current on child support arrears is of particular importance as being behind on those payments can cost you a lot of money in legal fees and could ultimately land you in jail.

If I Am In Deep Financially How Can I Afford A Bankruptcy Attorney? 

If you are a candidate for filing bankruptcy you cannot afford to not retain a skilled and experienced Irvine CA Bankruptcy Lawyer. The type of bankruptcy you are filing determines the cost of filing. A Chapter 7 is much less expensive than a Chapter 13. In a Chapter 13 you repay arrears and back payments over the course of a 3-5 year period. While an initial retainer is needed to do a Chapter 13 part of the fees can be bundled into the plan. A Chapter 7 requires payment in full upon filing. Either way, you are taking action to regaining your financial health.

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Contact Irvine CA Bankruptcy Lawyer Dennis Connelly today to discuss your options for debt relief. Mr. Connelly will explain every possible option to you including what type of bankruptcy is right for you. He will also be able to answer questions for you related to your credit after you file, how long until the bankruptcy is discharged and what assets you can and cannot keep when filing bankruptcy.